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Errors and compliance issues with the IRS, State and local taxing authorities can be costly and worrisome.  When I help people or businesses address authorities on issues relating to taxes on income, real estate, personal property, sales, payroll and various fee-based taxes, I nearly always find a situation where front-end accounting processes are not being completed properly, accurately and consistently.  This can be the original source of their compliance challenges.         

Properly accounting for complex individual or business transactions can be a mine field or a gold mine.  The difference is knowing how to structure, execute and record complex transactions.  Completing complex transactions with sound professional CPA advice can make those transactions more profitable and less risky.

Many small businesses struggle to fully understand why they seem to be doing more work, working faster and avoiding waste; but at the end of the day, don't have enough reward for their efforts.   Cost accounting with a true understanding of lean processes is a niche speciality that has some real-world answers.  Armed with some good data and many years of experience, a good cost accountant can help small and mid-market businesses get a handle on their profitablity challenges.

I like to assist others with general accounting advice, review of transactions, internal controls, cost accounting and CFO-level counsel.          

Call me.

Timothy C. Musholt, CPA, LLC

18048 Sanibel Circle

Westfield, IN  46062

Cell:  317-464-9846

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