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Tax Prep & e-filing

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service tax code is a complex and heavy burden to both wage earners and our economy.  And, the consequences of a poorly prepared tax return just adds to the anxiety surrounding the preparation of income tax returns.

When a typical person chooses to prepare their own tax return, they likely do so just once per year.  Alternatively, a professional tax preparer might prepare and file hundreds of returns per tax season that are more or less similar to one another.  So, a professional will more likely identify otherwise overlooked tax advantages and be less likely to make an error that waves a red flag to IRS auditors.

A true professional tax preparer will:
       >  stay on top of IRS tax code with continuous training
       >  communicate well through the tax year and tax prep season
       >  help plan for next year's tax return and leverage previous years' tax records
       >  assure that work is completed timely and your original records returned to you
       >  help assure that records are properly secured and retained
       >  be helpful and available under audit

Please know that paid tax preparers are not required to be trained (nor continuously train) on tax code; however CPA's are required, by state law, to do just that in order to practice our profession.  Whomever you choose as a tax preparer, please make sure they are a licensed CPA.

I do help others prepare and file federal and state income tax returns on a fee basis.  Call me for a price sheet and estimate!

Call me.

Timothy C. Musholt, CPA, LLC

18048 Sanibel Circle

Westfield, IN  46062

Cell:  317-464-9846

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