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I enjoy meeting with church and charitable organizations as they seek to fulfill their missions to serve the Lord and care for their fellow man.  If your organization needs an independent person to pray, listen and offer counsel on a financial issue, please contact me.  However, I pass on opportunities for which I am not able to discern.

I try not to use Christ as a marketing tool.  But, I am comfortable trusting Him in my business dealings and calling upon Him with frequent prayer.  In no way intending to make anyone uncomfortable in their own faith, any client or friend is welcome to engage in shared prayer with me about their challenges and aspirations.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church is where my family worships; --finding a blessed Christian community to support us.  Some of our favorite ministries are Trinity Free Clinic, Merciful Help Center, and our Adoration Chapel.  If you are intersted in learning more about the catholic faith or would like to attend Mass with us, I would love and appreciate the opportunity to share.

Call me.

Timothy C. Musholt, CPA, LLC

18048 Sanibel Circle

Westfield, IN  46062

Cell:  317-464-9846

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